Montag, 8. April 2013

Visitors, Basketball, Springbreak

Hey guys,

I know I did let you without any news for quite a long time, I am sorry for that. Nevertheless I've got a lot of stuff to tell you right now, just lean back and recapture the moments with me!

So at the beginning of March, Basketball-season was not quite over and we were playing for a District Championship after a long road of commitment, dedication and hard work. The opponent we were facing was - of course - Detroit Countryday, the team which later won the State Championship. However we played with all our heart and in the end we were proud what we had accomplished although we lost the game. This was ought to be my last game - at least on the basis of the real games.

At the same time we had a guest in our house - Lars, a former German exchange student, decided to pay us a visit. I really looked forward to that, and he shall not disappoint me. We really had a great time, visiting Detroit and seeing Greektown, a "Greece Part", in Detroit itself. He definitely should have stayed longer than only week, but we had to say goodbye telling to visit each other as soon as I would be back in Germany.

To my surprise one day my Basketball Coach came up to me and mentioned a traditional "Kids vs Cops" game they are having every year and he wanted me to participate. Without thinking about I said: "I'm down Coach!"
When the day came I actually realized that the game would be on TV as well, which was awesome and gave me a little bit of nervousness. However it turned out well, and all the Senior, including me, had a fun time as well as the cops.

Finally Spring Break was approaching and Easter was right around the corner too. When the time came, we drove up to Ryans mother, she basically lives in the middle of nowhere, which has the advantage of silence and a quite nice scenery ;).
We spent two days there playing games and on Easter we received some delicious candy.
Before the break started we also planned on going to Cleveland. When we arrived there, we spent the night and on the next day we started exploring the city. We saw the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Terminal Tower and the Quicken Loans Arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing their home games.
To conclude I'd say that Cleveland was worth a visit but you might not want to spend more than 1 or 2 days there.

My visit is slowly coming to an end, now everybody is talking about Prom already, which really is a big deal in America, especially for the feminine part ;).
I also feel like the weather finally decided to bring the summer back on the stage, but who knows, we are talking about Michigan, right? ;p

That's it guys. Be safe, take care and as always - stay tuned (even if it takes a little time)

All the best wishes from Michigan,

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  1. Hallo Erik,
    bald gehts nach Hause... Oder doch nicht? Gibts noch mal neue Bilder fuer die Bewohner des Weltdorfes Tauche?
    Gruss Jochen