Sonntag, 19. August 2012

Sports and stuff

Hey guys, I got some good news for you! After the first days acclimating myself I experienced a lot. My hostparents took my to Detroit and showed me around in the city! I liked it a lot. In the end we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe - good day!

In America there are the highschool-teams for sport, that's different than in Germany. I was able to attend some offseason conditioning for soccer before the tryouts began. It was pretty hard and exhausting Before you can do sports you have to get a physical form which is about your health and fitness!

After I got it we had tryouts. I had to cut off one day of the tryouts because we wanted to go on a trip to Chicago, I still made it into Varsity team. If not, it would be kind of sad for me.

I already mentioned that I went on a trip to Chicago on the weekend. We went there by car, it took us 6 hours to get there! We did a lot of sighseeing and it was simply amazing to see such a big city again, after I had already seen New York!

Back in Clawson, it were only a couple of days to our first game, it will be tomorrow. I will be playing defensive midfielder or center mid. I'm so excited!

Stay tuned guys! See ya!


Samstag, 4. August 2012

New York and Hostfamily

Hey guys,

my exchange year just began! Our flight to Newark was pretty comfortable and safe. The hotel was awesome including a pool and a fitness center. We hadn't much time to use those things but you know it was pretty cool.

We spend two whole days in New York City where we saw the main sights like the Empire State Building, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Statue of Liberty and so on!
They also offered us some time for shopping.

I got along well with the other exchange students and we had a great time I will never forget.

Yesterday I arrived at my hostfamily. Clawson is a nice city with a lots of things to see and to explore. Sport-facilities are right around the corner. I'm sure that this year is going to be awesome.
I try my best to keep you updated regularly.