Samstag, 4. August 2012

New York and Hostfamily

Hey guys,

my exchange year just began! Our flight to Newark was pretty comfortable and safe. The hotel was awesome including a pool and a fitness center. We hadn't much time to use those things but you know it was pretty cool.

We spend two whole days in New York City where we saw the main sights like the Empire State Building, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Broadway, Statue of Liberty and so on!
They also offered us some time for shopping.

I got along well with the other exchange students and we had a great time I will never forget.

Yesterday I arrived at my hostfamily. Clawson is a nice city with a lots of things to see and to explore. Sport-facilities are right around the corner. I'm sure that this year is going to be awesome.
I try my best to keep you updated regularly.


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  1. hallo erik,
    gerade ist von deinem vater das erste foto angekommen - time square nyc. sieht cool aus. und noch was - denk an die armen hinterbliebenen vom lande, die sich zur erholung auch mal eine kurzzusammenfassung auf deutsch wuenschen ;-)
    gruss jochen