Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Snowcoming, AutoShow, School

Snowcoming pictures at the mall
Hey guys, I’m back with some news!

With Snowcoming we had the last real dance before Prom. And it really happened in almost the same progression like homecoming did. We started looking around for a new outfit because obviously nobody wants to wear the same to Snowcoming and homecoming. So I found a new dress shirt and tie for myself.
On Friday night we had the Snowcoming basketball game, which we lost unfortunately.

However it turned out to become a nice Saturday evening including dinner with friends and the dance after. This time I did not have a date but nevertheless it was a lot of fun. Of course you could barely see anything else but grinding on the dancefloor, but that’s the American way – and I got to admit that I really enjoy it. Furthermore this year I was voted on the Snowcoming Court which was a really nice honor and we had a little formal dance in between. All in all it was another awesome event which we don’t have in Germany and that always makes it much more special.
The other highlight I experienced was the visit of the North American International Autoshow which is one/or the biggest Auto-show in the world. David, Tom and me had a lot of fun sitting in several cars and seeing big brands like Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes etc. It certainly was a great day and an event Detroit is known for worldwide.
School-wise everything goes well, I finished the first Semester with 5 A’s and a B+ leading to a GPA of 3.8! I will not change any classes and try to maintain my grade point average.
Last home game - Seniors
Basketball is almost over, Tuesday we had our last home game and now we will finish the regular season with 4 games on the road. I really hope we will get some more wins in before heading to Districts. I still don’t have a single clue on how I will spend my winter sports-wise since none of the offered sports appeals to me.
More good news: I currently am enjoying my mid-winter break!

I guess that’s all so far, as always stay tuned guys and take care!

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